Every product or service you buy from us helps to improve some person’s life. 

We cannot rest while our sisters struggle, through cultural beliefs or natural disasters, in any part of the world. 

No women or child should have to suffer.

Amazing Women today will be co-creating opportunities to empower women and children to live happy, healthy lives.  

Giving of ourselves, our time and resources creates an abundant world for us all. There is a wonderful exchange of energy that enriches the lives of both us the giver and the receiver.




In Uganda, a stunningly beautiful country and one of the last places where you can find REAL AFRICA, with wide open spaces, the source of the NILE, magnificent wildlife, fabulous safari lodges and recovering from a tragic past. 

We met with organisations working with women to create sustainable industry, so that they can move from being soley dependent on crops during times of drought.

We learned how keeping young girls in school past the age of 12 meant they had a greater chance of survival and creating a better life for themselves.

We learned that girls started dropping out of school when they started having a period due to a lack of sanitary protection and fear of ridicule, meant that they were more likely to end up in early marriages or poverty. 

 And against all odds, we learned of young women setting up sustainable businesses, thinking outside the box, smashing through glass ceilings and killing it in roles no women had held before.

They are inspiring other women to go all out.

We can help them do that! 


In 2015 my fiancé and I travelled to Uganda to celebrate 10 years together. For him it was a special journey as he had lived there in the 80’s protecting wildlife and conservation. For me this was a new adventure, together time in beautiful lodges in some of the most stunning places on our planet, a trip to the source of the Nile and the chance to visit people largely untouched by the modern world, places few westerners had the opportunity to experience.

We felt truly blessed!

We found the happiest most genuine people you could meet. Families creating wonderful communities together. Young children playing happily together. People growing their food beside their houses and living well. Everyone had a smile. We drove 2,000km through fields of grasses and crops, round rural villages.

We went further north. The promised rains had not come. Crops of corn stood 6 feet tall, dried out in the small holdings. Women walked for miles to food trucks to feed their families.

I couldn’t believe what I was watching in this day and age

Wonderful people’s lives shattered, because it didn’t rain.

50km and life was so different.

These are proud beautiful resilient women trying to look after their families. 

Just like you and I, except they have so few resources. 

Your help can make all the difference in the world.

Together we can!




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